Top 10 Wall Decals Design Trends In UAE

Admin - MAY 17, 2024

Top 10 Wall Decals Design Trends In UAE

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Top 10 Wall Decals Design Trends In UAE Top 10 Wall Decals Design Trends In UAE
Top 10 Wall Decals Design Trends In UAE


Top 10 Wall Decals Design Trends In UAE - Picture a room with amazing furniture and furnishings, but walls that are fully blank and valueless. It does not sound stimulating, does it? The correct wall decoration can make all the uniqueness, tying the elegance of your room together and making the right vibes. The decorations are one way to improve your walls, but painting or wallpapering the whole wall takes time and could be pretty costly. And choosing paintings or prints to enhance your blank walls is not easy, enough. Looking for another thing? You should choose wall decal designs. We will discuss in this blog the Top 10 Wall Decals Design Trends In UAE

Mainly used for sign making, wall decals are an innovative and fast way to make up any blank wall in your home. If you are renting your home, or searching for some easy style that does not cost the earth, then a wall decal could be just what you are searching for. There are many wall decal design trends in UAE but we will discuss Top 10 Wall Decals Design Trends In UAE here.

The List Of Top 10 Wall Decals Design Trends In UAE

Here is the list of the Top 10 Wall Decals Design Trends In UAE given below:

#1. Good Night, Sweet Dreams!

The effortless way to pick a pattern for the arts is to simply go with the flow. Roses and lace are swear to always go excellently well together, and add a feeling of loving touch to any space. In a pretty peach, the floral decals perfectly praise the soft, smooth vibes and flowing lines of this beautifully feminine bedroom. Your child’s name in beautiful letters on the wall completes the picture. Now this is a room that is just complete for your little princess.

#2. Cool Graffiti

Here is an easy way to get the message all over with some cool text writing. Pick your favorite quote (or make up your own quote) and put it on the wall for the whole world to see. You can experiment with fonts, colors, and sizes till you get the right text that you like. It is surely time to laugh often and smile big.

#3. Whimsical Play

No bedroom is ever finished with decoration if the wall above the bed is empty, and if you are staring at decals you will be properly ruined for choice. Pick a decal pattern or a grouping that expresses your heart and could hold a partial memory or two. Strange and playful, this fun decal brings to mind holiday memories. It features a beachside portrait with a little sand castle and small parachutes in free fall. The beach ball adds view and color. It is perfect for a children’s room or a bedroom wall, this wall decal makes your walls seem to come to life.

#4. Home Office Ideas

Is your residential space wall and commercial space wall crying out for decoration? This attractive world map, all in soft shades of color, does not overwhelm the decoration or seem too busy. If you find it difficult to work with bigger sized decals, you could think about breaking up the print into smaller sections and dividing them out by slim slivers of wall. Now, that is an amazing look for your house or office, indeed.

#5. Stripes and Crosses

Decals look amazing in any room and can focus attention on the decor theme you choose to build. And while they are mainly meant to be wrapped on walls, nothing is stopping you from using this kind of them on the mirror, windows, and often on the ceiling. The bedroom chooses to go attractive with geometrics, and the large, black crosses on the wall add attractiveness and some different styles.

#6. Get Playful

A triangle pattern, combined with eyelash graphics, liven up the walls behind the bunk bed for twins. When you are decorating a child’s room, there are no guidelines, and just about something goes. You can get as playful as you would like and your little ones will only like and love all that you do. While this decal is all in black, kids love colors and this is one place where you can feel free to go crazy with your bold and bright color choices. They love how the single cushion repeats the triangle theme.

#7. Cool Colour Palette

A Cool color palette scatter with blues and beige will support you to sleep better at night. However, the rest of the room does not have many styles for an amazing display, the wall decal design ensures that all eyes remain focused on its great beauty. The blue and white symmetrical patterns and styles are easy on the eyes and can likely contribute towards decreasing stress levels because of the harmonious and mentally relaxing effect.

#8. Ornamental

Here is another amazing design that will make the room look very unique. You can make a room appearance more beautiful or informal with geometric patterns. Keep it simple with a basic color palette. This wall decal design idea is trendy in modern homes and right for closet areas and hallways. 

#9. Textured Prints with Warm Lights

If your interior design pattern is modern, this blend will get you good results. The simple wall decal design is on both sides of the textured grey decal. It looks natural, and one can not tell what it is not so from a distance. The white and yellow lights give an added coziness to the design, making it one of the wall decal styles for your interior living room worth all in.

#10. Vintage Floral Wallpaper

Create a ‘great’ factor in your bedroom with colors and patterns of pastel. Play around with your favorite pastel colors and select the furniture. Once you are done with the whole of the room, pick a colorful rose wall decal design for the bedroom to make a beautiful background.


The perfect choice of wall decal designs can make all the uniqueness to your home style. If you are looking for the Top 10 Wall Decals Design Trends In UAE, this is the right place. Not only do we have various choices, but we will help you put it all together.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Question 1 - Who provides the best wall decal designs in the UAE?

Answer - AAG Prints provides the best wall decal designs in the UAE.

Question 2 - How to decorate a wall decal?

Answer - Separate it into pieces and then apply them through this they can enhance the beauty of your walls.