Top 10 Wallpaper Suppliers In UAE

Admin - JUN 27, 2024

Top 10 Wallpaper Suppliers In UAE

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Top 10 Wallpaper Suppliers In UAE Top 10 Wallpaper Suppliers In UAE
Top 10 Wallpaper Suppliers In UAE


Top 10 Wallpaper Suppliers In UAE - Fixing a wallpaper is a kind of wall treatment that has always been significantly hyped as compared to paint and it provides aesthetic looks and functional benefits. You know wallpapers come in various designs and patterns that provide major beauty benefits and one can add an enormous deal of attraction and delightfulness.  However, finding the right wallpaper provider for your home’s improvement is quite challenging. To ensure a value for money purchase and of course mental peace we provide a list of some reputed and Top 10 Wallpaper Suppliers in UAE.

You know wallpaper offers several advantages over traditional paint and it is available in a wide range of designs and textures that pain cannot replicate. Moreover, it hides various wall imperfections better than paint and these are more durable, often lasting longer without needing touch-ups. Apart from this, it is more environmentally friendly as it does not emit volatile organic compounds like many paints do, so we can say that it is a healthier option for indoor environments. 

Advantages of Installing Wallpapers

Wallpapers come with lots of benefits and elegant looks that include aesthetic appeal, quick transformation time, and the ability to personalize your space. So if you are looking for amazing and durable wallpapers that increase the standard of living. Then no worries because you are in the right place in this article we will discuss the Top 10 Wallpaper Suppliers in UAE. Explore all the necessary details about the suppliers that are important while selecting a wallpaper supplier. Here we mention some benefits of installing wallpapers in your homes.

Easy to Install

Installing wallpaper is a daunting task but modern advancements in wallpaper technology and adhesive material have simplified the installation process.

The Ease of Wallpaper 

Nowadays many wallpapers are designed to peel off smoothly, leaving minimal residue and reducing the need for excessive scraping or wall repairs. This process of many modern wallpapers empowers homeowners to effortlessly update their interiors and allows for swift transitions from one design choice to another.

Wallpapers are Easy to Clean

For accumulated dust, you can simply dust the wallpaper with a microfiber cloth and for heavy stains, you can use a damp sponge and some soapy water. 

Wallpaper Protects the Walls

Wallpaper serves as a valuable safeguard and protects walls in numerous ways. It is beneficial in high-traffic areas that are prone to scuffs, marks, and minor damage, and it acts as a protective barrier that preserves their appearance over time. 

Top 10 Wallpaper Provider Recommendations In UAE

Finding a professional and, more importantly, efficient wallpaper treatment service provider is really important, especially if this is your first home renovation project or, for that matter, if it's for a location that holds great significance for you. This blog has come up with all the help you need for your hunt for an adequate wallpaper services provider in UAE.

#1 AAG Prints

AAG Prints is a well-recognized and top-tier wallpaper provider in UAE and provides a great collection of amazing wallpapers. With its beautiful design and amazing patterns you can provide a beautiful touch to your interiors. It is a trusted dealer that fully covers your spaces with innovative styles of wallpaper. So it is a beneficial idea to choose AAG Prints for the most satisfactory color scheme and pattern.

Contact Details

Name - AAG Prints 

Phone No - +971 4 883 3400

Email Id - 

Address - P.O. Box: 127460, Dubai Investment Park 2, Warehouse No. 1 & 2, Dubai, UAE.

#2 Wallpaper Land Online Store

It is one of the trusted wallpaper providers in UAE and we can say that Wallpaper Land Online Store is an amazing online store to check out when you are searching for something unique yet functional for your places. Moreover, they offer a versatile and purposeful lineup quality of wallpaper that is ideal for every setting.

#3 Design Furniture

It is the biggest platform that has been working in the UAE. They span a reasonable time and become a top-notch home decor provider of quality wallpapers. Apart from this, you can get an entire customization spectrum to induce your creative ideas and make the most out of the excellence of their professionals. Moreover, they are dedicated to providing the most precise range of quality and sustainable wallpapers for every setting.

#4 Floor Land LLC

It is one of the leading and popular home improvement decor companies in UAE that is known for transforming living spaces and commercial places with its luxury home decor products. Especially they provide high-quality wallpaper and bring unique designs to add styles to every home and office. With the collection of branded, well-designed pattern wallpapers they provide an aesthetic look to your indoor property. 

#5 Fixit Design

It is the best and foremost option for you that will come across when looking for premium-quality home decor and improvement services. Moreover, they offer promising services of wallpaper installation for all given settings. In addition, to get premium quality wallpaper in UAE they provide painting services so it’s a comprehensive spectrum to get your desired home improvement. 

#6 Carpenter Center

It is a leading and reliable carpet and curtain shop that is located in Dubai and popular for its modern office wallpapers. Moreover, they provide the most elegant and professional-looking designs of wallpapers for workplaces. You can also get customized designs of wallpapers that create unique decor in your office.

#7 Wall Curtains Store

It is one of the leading and trusted home decor services providers in UAE and they nail the exceptional provision of home wallpaper treatments, as well. Apart from this they only deal in quality wallpapers so you get a whole lot of really out-of-the-box home decor ideas. After that, you can create a distinctively pleasant and cozy interior. 

#8 Abu Dhabi Wallpaper

If you are looking for amazing wallpaper to bring vibrant life to your living room or a serene environment then Abu Dhabi Wallpaper is a one-stop solution for you. Its beautiful and amazing design wallpapers tranquility in your personal space and their collection has something that suits every taste. Their wallpaper designs are meticulously crafted to capture the essence of this magnificent city. 

#9 JAD International Trading

They are popular for their versatile and amazing collection of wallpaper. They offer a comprehensive range of home decor services including TV wall decor, bed wall decor, wall paneling, floor solutions, and outdoor panel installations. JAD International primarily serves the residential home decor industry, enhancing living spaces with its comprehensive range of services.

#10 SkiptonWall Curtains & Wallpaper

It is a leading and well-known wallpaper provider in UAE that deals in amazing and premium quality wall decors. They are very passionate about the quality control of the manufacturing of its wallpaper, curtains & window blinds. Moreover, it makes sure that all its customers get their money’s worth and more.

Winding Up

I hope our precise wallpaper brand recommendations will provide amazing wallpapers and it is useful for you. We present a list of some reputed and Top 10 Wallpaper Suppliers in the UAE. With these leading brands working in the UAE and with limited options, it is always convenient to pick out the best for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1 - Which company’s wallpaper is best?

Answer - AAG Prints provides the best wallpaper in UAE.

Question 2 - Does AAG Prints deal in a wide range of wallpapers?

Answer - Yes, they provide a Broad range of amazing and premium quality wallpapers.

Question 3 - What type of wallpaper is best for homes?

Answer - Here we mention some most popular wallpapers that include pre-pasted vinyl and vinyl-coated papers. They offer effortless applications that can be adjusted before the paper hardens and are easy to clean and care for.