Top 10 Wallpaper Shops In Dubai

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Top 10 Wallpaper Shops In Dubai

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Top 10 Wallpaper Shops In Dubai Top 10 Wallpaper Shops In Dubai
Top 10 Wallpaper Shops In Dubai


Top 10 Wallpaper Shops In Dubai - Wallpaper renovation always receives a lot more attention than painting because of its many practical and aesthetic benefits. As wallpapers do offer a lot of aesthetic benefits, one may significantly increase the appeal and enjoyment of any area by making this simple investment. If you are a resident of Dubai and looking for the Top 10 Wallpaper Shops In Dubai, then no need to worry because you are standing in the right place. Here, in this blog, you will find all the Top 10 Wallpaper Shops In Dubai.

Finding the right vendor for this specific home improvement project is always suitable, though, as it will provide an affordable purchase and, of course, peace of mind. Residents of Dubai have many options when it comes to investing, not to mention that not all of them are deserving of your money and careful consideration. So, here we give you a list of Top 10 Wallpaper Shops In Dubai.

List Of Top 10 Wallpaper Shops In Dubai 

#1. AAG Prints

AAG Prints is a digital printing-based company in Dubai that is well-known for providing a wide range of services at remarkably affordable prices. A vast array of lavish wallpaper prints, frames, posters, and other items are available. They also have a highly-skilled, experienced crew with years of experience that is available 24/7 hours for service. AAG Prints guarantees superior wall themes and patterns at reasonable pricing. They have every wallpaper pattern possible for use in residential, commercial, industrial, and a variety of other applications. If you're thinking about giving your walls a makeover and want to find the best wallpaper shop in Dubai to add some luxury, please get in touch with AAG Prints.

  • Affordable
  • Wide range of wallpapers
  • Installation service
  • Experienced
  • Skilled Team
  • High-quality wallpapers

Contact Details

Name - AAG Prints

Phone Number - +9714 883 3400

Email ID -   

Address - P.O. Box: 127460, Dubai Investment Park 2, Warehouse No. 1 & 2, Dubai, UAE.

#2. Land Of Wallpaper

Land of Wallpaper, one of Dubai's best wallpaper shops, is a terrific place to get the cheapest wallpaper solutions for homes and businesses. This company offers a wide range of wallpaper options that fit in with any kind of setting. This is the finest place to acquire wallpaper for your living room, kitchen, workplace, kids' room, and bedroom, in particular. The Brick Wallpaper is one of their key wall-covering products, it can be used in almost any space and produces the most striking and timeless homes. This brand not only sells wallpapers but also wall panels. Additionally, they offer wall art repair services at reasonable prices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

#3. Curtains Dubai Store

Curtains-Dubai Store is an extremely fantastic brand to consider for wallpaper services in Dubai. Here you may get metallic wallpapers and specialized foam-backed vinyl for unique and long-lasting home décor. Because wallpaper is UV-resistant and fire retardant, it is the safest alternative for homes. Furthermore, there are no pollutants within the structure that could degrade the air quality. Curtains-Dubai Store has several excellent selections if you're specifically looking for wallpaper that is resistant to moisture and scratches. Additionally, for a genuinely unique wall design, you may purchase their custom wallpapers. At fair prices, their services are offered throughout Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

#4. SkiptonWall

SkiptonWall, a well-known company, also offers wallpaper, curtains, and blinds for sale. Purchase goods from this British company, one of the most reputable wallpaper suppliers in Dubai, online at Noon. Their wallpapers are outstanding, offering a variety of sophisticated collections to select from and superb quality. The options for color and style are also very adaptable. Apart from its main store in Sharjah, this enterprise has a charming store situated in Jumeirah 3 Dubai. To get suggestions that suit your needs and interests, take advantage of their complimentary consulting services. To finish the look with a perfectly coordinated design, you can also buy their superior window blinds and curtains.

#5. Design Furniture

When looking for wallpaper stores near me in Dubai, you're sure to come across Design Furniture, one of the most well-known businesses providing wall-styling services. With an excellent assortment of wallpaper for both residential and commercial areas, together with all the necessary installation and maintenance services, this company delivers the best and fastest home improvement deal anywhere. This company's customized wallpaper design services set it apart and give you countless options to create the decor of your dreams. Additionally, they offer free area measurement and wallpaper sample services, all of which come directly to your house. In addition, this brand's price range is reasonable.

#6. Fixit Design

When it comes to home remodeling and decor services, Fixit Design is the best option you'll find. They also offer really promising services for installing wallpaper in any situation. In addition to their excellent Wallpaper Dubai treatment, they also provide painting services, so you can get the complete package when it comes to your desired house renovation. The most amazing aspect of their skill set and great value for money is their ability to avoid the need for new wall treatments or even paint jobs for years. In addition, considering the quality you get, the rates are always fair.

#7. Carpeter Store

Carpeter is among the largest suppliers of furnishings and services related to improving interior design. Their wallpaper collections in Dubai are highly adaptable and ideal for any type of interior design for homes and offices. The wallpapers are of exceptional quality, with a decent resistance to deterioration and ease of cleaning.

#8. NGC Nafees

An excellent place to get wall coverings for homes and companies in Dubai is NGC Nafees, a well-known wallpaper supplier. They have two main categories of wallpaper for homes: Designer wallpaper and Quickship wallpaper. Furthermore, a huge selection of eye-catching personalized kids wallpapers is offered.

#9. Wall Panel

The outstanding wallpaper store in Dubai, Wall Panel, offers the greatest wall painting services and wallpapers for every room in your house and workplace. From the kitchen to the bedroom, there are numerous unique designs available for a range of themes and decors. Their wallpapers function okay and are made of high-quality vinyl, polyester, and non-woven cellulose.

#10. Muse Design

The wallpapers from Muse Design have superb construction quality and countless design options to support you in accomplishing all your interior design objectives. In addition, the wallpapers require very little upkeep and have a long lifespan, which makes them an excellent option for homes. The cost of almost all of the alternatives is reasonable, and the wallpapers are typically very economical.


So, here we listed all the Top 10 Wallpaper Shops In Dubai, that offer a broad range of wallpapers. We hope that this information will help you choose the store that best suits your preferences and needs while also helping you choose the best wallpaper shop in Dubai. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question 1. Which are the best wallpaper shops in Dubai?

Answer. AAG Prints is the best wallpaper shop in Dubai.

Question 2. Does AAG Prints wallpapers are affordable?

Answer. Yes, AAG Prints wallpapers are affordable.