Foam Board Printing Dubai

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Foam Board Printing Dubai

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Foam Board Printing Dubai Foam Board Printing Dubai
Foam Board Printing Dubai


Foam Board Printing Dubai - Custom foam board signs are amazing as visual aids during the speech, reminders to inform clients of ongoing specials, point-of-sale displays, or any other indoor signage application. You can print on both sides of the foam board, enabling you to have a different message on each side, thus growing your advertising space. Foam Board Printing Dubai provides a lightweight, portable, and easy-to-show sign. At AAG Prints we can also print directly onto the surface. Foam board is a creative printing material that is extremely light for its severity. This printed board is good for short-term indoor use. Get HD-quality displays and marketing stands by using our foam board printing services. 

Are you making the interior attractive for your retail store? Or planning a marketing campaign? Are you searching for a reliable photo mounting solution? Foam Board Printing Dubai is ideal for several interior requirements. It is a material that permits keeping the printed colors as realistic as they are in the digital files. For all its hardness, the foam board is lightweight which makes the material easier to hang on various surfaces. Foam board is a material that offers an ideal weight-stability ratio. We print directly on the board with our modern HD-quality UV printers to give you the perfect Foam Board Printing Dubai. Foam board is a lightweight board with polyurethane foam core and wrapped with multi-layered paper liners. It is an amazing solution for trade store interior marketing materials. 

These boards are great when used for point-of-sale displays, show window design, hanging signs, photo mounting, picture frames, decorations, and many more. You can contact us for more information at +971 4 883 3400 you can drop an email at

What is Foam Board Printing Dubai?

Foam Board Printing is mainly used for Your Photos, Artwork, Paintings, and indoor and Outdoor Advertisements these are available in Black & White only with thicknesses of 10 and 5 mm only Matte or Gloss lamination finish is available. Foam Boards are lightweight yet hard and mainly have a polyurethane foam core. These are hard and do not bend or flex easily and are best for posters or prints on paper, canvas, or vinyl. Foam boards can be utilized for several indoor applications. Examples involve reminders and displays, mounting images, presentations, and presentation graphics. It is available in a variety of thicknesses, sizes, and colors and cuts cleanly either by hand or by die-cutting machine. Gloss, matt, or dry wipe laminate options are also available to provide your printed foam boards extra safety.

AAG Prints - Foam Board Printing Dubai

Lightweight and easy to mount, AAG Prints Foamboard is the best budget signage treatment for businesses and people alike. A stand-out piece and a useful tool to improve brand awareness or get your message crossed. Foamboard is a strong, lightweight material that is easy to cut, which makes it the best choice for mounting photographic prints, posters, and banners. It is made up of a polystyrene-clad middle layer sandwiched between two outer layers of matte paper coated with white clay. Mounting posters on foam boards is a fast, successful way to make an impression. Because foam board is ultra-lightweight, big images can be hung on walls or string from ceilings with no difficulty. Foam board artwork is also easy to transport, meaning a smooth, professional trade show display can go with the trunk of a car to a wall or stand in moments. Its hard design withstands wear and tear, but its lower price tag means that damaged or outdated artwork can be easily replaced.

Some Factors About Foam Board Printing 

  1. The right event decor - Foam prints are the right choice for making signs for your special events. Upload your design to make a welcome sign, a seating chart, and so on. We provide foam signs in horizontal, vertical, and square shapes. Choose between white and blackboards.
  2. Lightweight and durable - Our foam prints are very lightweight and hard and can be placed easily anywhere to present your favorite photos. Since our foam boards are super light and easy to move, you can move them whenever required.
  3. Choose from black or white Border - Our foam prints are thick and available with both white or black edges for a precious look that is retable to your style. While white edges will flawlessly blend in with the white walls, the black border provides a bold, well-explained, and ultra-modern look.
  4. Easy to hang - Hanging your foam print is simple and tension free. We involve a hanging system free of cost with every print. This makes mounting the foam board an easy procedure, as all you are required to do is follow the provided directions.

About AAG Prints 

At AAG Prints, we are excited about changing spaces and giving a touch of character to your walls via our handpicked collection of wallcoverings and branding. AAG provides modern digital printing technology that authorizes visible visuals that cannot be achieved with standard print techniques. We use quality in every component of our business, from the elements used in our wallpapers to the printing procedure. Your satisfaction is our peak priority. We value the power of print in making a long impression, and we are here to make sure that your projects stand out with quality and clarity. AAG Prints, a Dubai-based digital printing leader, utilizes the latest printing machines for premium quality in large-format printing all over many media.

Contact Details 

Name - AAG Prints

Phone No - +971 4 883 3400

Email Id -

Address - P.O. Box: 127460, Dubai Investment Park 2, Warehouse No. 1 & 2, Dubai, UAE.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Question 1 - Who provides the best foam board printing services in Dubai?

Answer - AAG Prints provides the best foam board printing services in Dubai.

Question 2 - How much thick is foam board printing?

Answer - The foam board printing is about 5mm thick.